I am freelance photographer living in Maui, Hawaii. Each moment that I have captured has shaped my life's direction. Having documented my travels since 2011, I learned so much by listening people's stories. I discovered that capturing the nature and heart of children and motherhood is my passion. 

This passion has lead me to travel all around the world where there is the most need, to places that I never imagined my eyes would see. From very remote villages in the middle of the Amazon jungle, to the mountains in India. Every possible feeling has been explored in this trips, sometimes very devastating ones, but underneath all I always come back home with a heart full of love and inspiration. Everywhere I go people just seek the same things: love, health, and connection. 

I'm a nature and life lover, there is so much beauty around, and we are not always awake enough to see it. My vision with my work is to remind others of how fortunate we are of sharing this experience of life, specially when we start to get numb with negativity. I'm here to be a reminder that there is light in the most unlikely places. 

After graduating from Brooks Institute with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Journalism, I joined Vitamin Angels in 2015 after learning about the compelling mission behind their work. Having joined the team documenting the families and meeting so many joyful children and hopeful mothers, has been a life changing experience for me. Every photograph captured is an opportunity for me to look at people’s eyes and explore connection. My work is not only a reflection of the people I've met, but also memories of how much joy and purpose the children have brought to my life. 

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